What we offer

Model of European school as integrated education

  1. basic (primary and lower secondary education)
  2. secondary (eight-year form of study in grammar school)
  • individual approach of teachers with the maximum number of 16 students in class at primary school
  • integration of compulsory English Language through CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) from Year 1 of primary school in subjects Math, Homeland Study, Basic Science)
  • internal differentiation of students into groups according to their level of English
  • compulsory English Language from Year 1 of primary school
  • second compulsory foreign language (German, Russian, French, Spanish) from Year 6 of primary school
  • optional English School Club headed by native speakers
  • European club for the development of pro-European culture
  • integrated form of education for intellectually gifted students and disabled students
  • application of innovation trends within education
  • classes equipped with modern technologies and furniture
  • emphasis on the concept of humanistic and creative education and upbringing
  • verbal assessment in Year 1-Year 3, combined assessment (classification and verbal assessment)in Year 4  of Private Primary School
  • monitoring of emotional intelligence, general intellect and the level of knowledge through tests
  • own programme of global education aimed at complex development of human being, society and environment
  • teaching of mathematics according to methodology of Prof. RNDr. Milan Hejný, CSc.
  • Project of experimental verification “Effectiveness of Jolly Phonics methodology in primary education“ under the auspices of Slovak National Institute for Education in Bratislava
  • organization of leisure time activities in the form of courses - Football preparation, Sport and Movement, Drama Club and Games in English, Colourful Palette, How to do well in monitor within the Private Leisure Time Centre
  • variability of leisure time activities and actions within Private School Club,
  • preparation of students for school (doing homework) supervised by a teacher in Private Study Club (Year 5 of Primary School)
  • organizing of School in Nature with language education, Swimming Training and Ski Training
  • exchange study stays of students abroad
  • psychologic and pedagogic counselling provided by the Centre of Special-Pedagogical Counselling and Centre of Pedagogic-Psychological Counselling and Prevention
  • lunches in school canteen with the option of gluten-free diet
  • organizing of Slovak Language courses for foreigners
  • organizing of open lessons for parents, Christmas Academy, Mother’s day Academy, Meeting with grandparents, Foreign Language Academy, Family sport Olympic and other activities
  • open communication of pedagogues with students’ legal representatives
  • qualified personnel
  • electronic Pupil Book